Media Release April 2019

Bruce and Jenny At Tasmanian Properties

Tasmanian Properties are strengthening their position as the market leader for all things property in Tasmania with the successful completion of the Real Estate Institute Property Representatives Exam by Bruce Sloan and Jennifer Graham last week.

Bruce is an experienced investor and says that he is looking forward to showing his clients that building your own home or investment property doesn’t have to be hard work when you get the right team around you.

Bruce and Jenny will be actively growing the First Home Owners and Property Investor markets under Farzin Hesari and his established Command Realty Brand, from the trendy Liverpool Street office. Therefore, this niche reflects Tasmanian Properties’ vision of “Property for Everyone.” 

Jenny has recently returned to her home in Tasmania after 20+ years in Queensland and travelling around Australia with her family. She loves teaching families on how wealth is possible regardless of your income and how owning your own home is a vital factor in that equation.

Bruce and Jenny will be guided by Clarissa Leary’s wealth of experience in property development and investing and will receive administrative support from Jessie Leary-Hills.

The Tasmanian Properties Team are united to exceed your expectations and willing to collaborate with all suppliers to the Property Industry in Tasmania to create a strong platform for advocacy and industry reform.

If you would like to meet the Tasmanian Properties team our meetup group called ‘Property Talk’ at the Soho Hotel, find our next event here. You will see changes to the Tasmanian Properties website happening over the next month.

Author: Clarissa Leary Tasmanian Properties provides information to the Tasmanian and Investing community with products, services, professionals and sales. Our vision is “property for everyone”, come join and ask us questions at


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