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West Tamar Council

An active and effective community enhancing West Tamar as the desired place to live, work and visit.
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West Tamar Municipal Area includes the western side of the Tamar River from the suburban area of Riverside in Launceston, extending north to Bass Strait and as far west as Frankford.

West Tamar Council was inaugurated on the 2nd April 1993 and has offices in Riverside, Exeter and Beaconsfield.

The major industries are tourism, retailing, agriculture, fishing, world class vineyards and first class maritime education facilities.

The valley has various natural attractions, including the Narawntapu National Park, Notley Fern Gorge, Tamar Island Wetlands and the Tamar River. The valley has an abundance of historic attractions and points of interest associated with the foundation of Tasmania, in particular, the York Town settlement and the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre.

The Tamar River estuary and its tributaries are home to an abundance of bird life and, combined with its beautiful landscape, make West Tamar a peaceful and idyllic residential and rural setting.



As from 1st January 2017, a New Building Act was introduced. The Building Act 2016 and Building Regulations 2017.

With the new changes to the building act there are now 4 categories that the work can fall under which means you may not require a building permit. Determinations are available via this link www.justice.tas.gov.au/building to the Department of Justice website.


Prior to commencing any building work, please contact the Council Building Department on 6323 9315 for further information.

Owner builder requirements have also changed and information is available via the Department of Justice website link for clarification.

*State Government Fees are payable on all work over $20,000 regardless of building work category. Payment of fees are collected by the Permit Authority at Council office.

Community Centres and Halls

The West Tamar region has many community centres and halls used by community groups and clubs. Many of these may be available for use by the general public, subject to availability (fees and charges may apply). Some facilities are Council owned and managed while others are owned and/or managed by local community groups. A list of of these community centres and halls and relevant contact details can be found below.

If you are planning an event and would like to hire one of Council's community facilities or reserves please contact us or telephone your nearest Council office.

Riverside - 6323 9300
Beaconsfield - 6383 6350
Windsor Community Precinct - 6323 9200


Building projects that involve plumbing are now assessed against the categories of plumbing work as determined by the Director of Building Control. The categories of plumbing work is a risk based assessment from Category 1 (low risk) to Category 4 (high risk). This determination of Categories of Plumbing Work can be found on the Department of Justice website.

Once you have received your Plumbing Certificate of Likely Compliance/Plumbing Permit, prior to commencing work you must ensure a Start-Work Notification and Authorisation - Plumbing Work has been sent to Council.

As part of your Plumbing Certificate of Likely Compliance/Plumbing Permit it is a requirement to notify Council for the mandatory inspection stages as listed on these documents.

To organise an inspection, please contact Council on 6323 9315 or in person at the Riverside office. NOTE: A minimum of 2 working days notice MUST be given when booking an inspection.

For all plumbing enquiries contact Council's Plumbing Department on 6323 9300 or attend our Riverside office.

Animals and Pets

Council provides an animal control service which incorporates live stock management and dog control. Our service covers the registration of dogs, impoundment of stray dogs, investigation of nuisance dogs and dog attacks as well as the removal of livestock from our roads.

All dog owners residing and visiting the West Tamar municipal area must abide by the Dog Contral Act 2000 (the Act) and associated regulations and policies. More information can be found in Council's Dog Management Policy 2015 in the associated pages. Alternatively our Municipal Inspectors can be contacted at our Riverside office.

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