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Waratah-Wynyard Council

The heart of Tasmania's beautiful north west
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Waratah-Wynyard, the heart of Tasmania's beautiful north west, includes the coastal towns and villages of Wynyard, Somerset, Boat Harbour and Sisters Beach, the rural town of Yolla and the former mining towns of Waratah and Corinna. It is renowned for the spectacular display of tulips at Table Cape that showcases a local festival, "Bloomin' Tulips" held each October.

Take a little time to explore its beaches and enjoy the fresh sea air and safe swimming and boating opportunities.



The Waratah-Wynyard Interim Planning Scheme has been declared for the municipal area and is effective from Saturday 19 October 2013.

Interim Planning Schemes for all nine municipal areas in the Cradle Coast region have been declared by the Minister for Planning as part of a regional package. The region’s Councils have been working together to deliver consistent planning schemes based on the same Regional Land Use Strategy. You can find out more about the region’s role in the state-wide planning reforms on the Cradle Coast Authority website.

The Waratah-Wynyard Interim Planning Scheme was available from 19 October 2013 for community consideration and written comment for a period of two months until 20 December 2013. Council will now review the submissions and provide a response on each issue to the Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC) within four months of the public exhibition period (20 April 2014).

The TPC will then hold a hearing to consider each representation. The timeframes of the hearings are to be advised.

Public and Environmental Health

As of March 1 the State Government has introduced new smoke-free areas across Tasmania. These areas are listed in the document below.

1. People are required with the smoke free area provisions as of March 1;

2. Council is responsible to for its facilities such as sporting grounds, swimming pools, public buildings and playgrounds;

3. Council does not police this law at private facilities such as hotels. Policing will be handled by the State Government, which has appointed two officers to oversee this requirement. To report a breach in these areas contact the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

Emergency Management

The following information will provide householders of actions which they may take to contribute towards risk reduction and their personal safety in the event of a natural emergency.

This information has been made available following a recommendation of the 2001 Waratah-Wynyard Municipal Risk Management Project and as part of an ongoing public education program driven by Council's Emergency Management Planning Committee.

The following free pamphlets are available from Council Offices.

Earthquate Action Guide
Emergency! A Step by Step Guide to What You Need to Know And Do
Flood Action Guide
Lightning Protection Action Guide
Severe Storm Action Guide
Severe Storms - Facts, Warnings and Protection.
The Australian Red Cross also produces REDiPlan, which provides four steps to prepare your household for emergencies.

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