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Northern Midlands Council

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The Northern Midlands covers an area of 5,130 square kilometres, extending from Liffey Bluff in the west to Mount St John in the east (150kms) and from Relbia in the north to Tooms Lake in the south (95kms).

The landscape changes from mountainous country on its eastern and western boundaries to extensive grazing lands renowned for fine wool production, the rich agricultural river flats of the Esk, Lake and Macquarie Rivers; historic towns and villages; and from small businesses to multi-million dollar enterprises.

The population of close to 12,500 is predicted to be maintained over the next 10 years. Development continues to occur in and around the towns of Longford, Perth and Evandale.



Natural Resource Management has been fostered and developed in Australia over the past two decades by a number of Government programs, both Commonwealth and State, and through regional and local initiatives.

Funding assistance and support has been directed to hundreds of natural resource management projects and has encouraged broad community involvement: marshalling the commitment of community groups, land holders and land managers, all three tiers of government, as well as bodies dedicated to NRM program delivery.

Natural Resource Management (NRM) describes the sustainable management of our natural resources (our land, water, marine and biological systems). The sustainable management of natural resources is vital if we are to ensure our ongoing social, economic and environmental wellbeing.

Natural Resource Management (NRM) services are provided by Northern Midlands Council through a partnership with NRM North, the Regional NRM Organisation for Northern Tasmania.

This partnership has provided a Natural Resource Management Facilitator that is based in Longford to assist the Community.

Cemeteries & Burial Database

The Council manages the Longford General Cemetery located at Cressy Road, Longford; and the Perth General Cemetery at Cemetery Road, Perth.

For reservations and placement of memorial plaques please contact the Council Offices on (03) 6397 7303 during normal business hours.


The Northern Midlands Council is responsible for an overall road network of approximately 566km of sealed road and 413km of unsealed road. This is made up of major urban roads, minor town streets and rural roads. The road network provides access to individual properties and facilitates the general circulation of our communities.

Health and Immunisation

Council Environmental Health Officers can assist with matters relating to public health, including food premises registration, place of assembly, air and water quality, noise, skin penetration, disease control and immunisation.

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