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At the western entrance to Bass Strait lies an idyllic place known as King Island. An island rich in history, with shipwrecks, lighthouses and jagged reefs, bountiful with long stretching sandy beaches and lush green pasture. From our little paradise we produce some of Australia’s finest natural foods for which we are probably best known including beef, cheese, crayfish & abalone, yet there is more to this 64km long by 27km wide stretch of land than first meets the eye.



A Planning Application is separate to a Building Application and is required for any type of development or land use which is not exempt or permitted outright by the King Island Planning Scheme 2013.

You will require a planning permit if you intend to:

Use land or buildings for a purpose different from their current allocated use under the local Council planning scheme (e.g. commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, etc.);
Add additional uses or buildings to the currents ones; or
Develop land.
Developing land includes the following types of activities:

Clearing of land;
Change in ground level;
Construction or carrying out of works;
Demolition or removal of a building or works;
Subdivision or consolidation of land;
Placing or relocating a building or works; and
Constructing or erecting signs or hoardings.
The planning permit process regulates the use and development of land by assessing proposals against local Council planning schemes and State government planning legislation. The process focuses particularly on the impact of the proposal on the site and surrounding land.

Waste management

A weekly residential rubbish collection operates throughout the whole Island. Details of collection times can be viewed on the downloadable map above.

Please leave your bin out before 7:30am on your collection day.

Household rubbish can be deposited in 240 litre mobile garbage bins. The total weight must be less than 65 kg including the bin, and only household refuse may be left for collection. Please wrap all materials likely to be offensive or to spread (e.g. vacuum dust) prior to being placed in the rubbish bin. We encourage you to compost food waste as this means less landfill and it is also great for your garden. If however rubbish disposal is required of food, please also contain appropriately.

Please place bins in such a location that it will not present undue hazard to pedestrians. Please make sure the bin is placed with handles facing away from the road.

Additional and/or replacement bins are available from the Council. Please see below relevant fees. For more information contact the Council Depot.

Brand management group

Brand King Island is more than just a marketing device. It is the experience around the product.

That product might be a steak eaten in Japan, a drop of water taken in Spain, a meal at the King Island pub, or honey eaten off a spoon in your own kitchen. They all tell a part of the King Island story. King Island Brand is our people, our place, and our produce.

King Island Brand Management Group (KIBMG) is a special committee of King Island Council, established in 2008. A trade mark was registered in 2009 which is available for use King Island producers and businesses to use upon application to KIBMG.

Best Practice guidelines reflecting the Brand King Island values are provided for each industry to encourage a high base level of quality across the Island. These values are:

Quality community
Quality produce
Island nature
The Group currently represents producers of beef, cheese, honey, wallaby, sea salt, bottled water and seafood, as well as retailers, caterers, and tourism businesses. More information about some of these businesses can be found on their individual websites:

King Island Honey
King Island Seafood
King Island Dairy
King Island Sea Salt
King Island Prime Meats
King Island Beef
King Island Butchery

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