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The City of Glenorchy is Tasmania's fourth largest city. Glenorchy is located in the Greater Hobart metropolitan area in Southern Tasmania. It is about 7 km north of Tasmania’s capital city, Hobart, and is nestled below the Wellington Range on the western shore of the River Derwent.

Glenorchy has a population of 46,397 people distributed over an area of 121 km2.

Tasmanian Aboriginals were the first inhabitants of the area where Glenorchy lies today.

Land grants in the Glenorchy area began in 1804, and by the 1820s it was occupied by farms and was a place of rural retreat from Hobart. The period between 1840 and 1860 was one of steady growth in Glenorchy, culminating in the area becoming a municipality in 1864. The name Glenorchy means 'glen of tumbling waters’ and the city is believed to have been named by Governor Lachlan Macquarie after his wife's home in Scotland.

Commercial orchards developed into a significant industry, with the first cool store being built in the 1880s. German farming immigrants settled about 10 km west of Glenorchy at Bismark and Glenlusk. The railway was connected to Glenorchy in the 1870s, and the connection by tram to Hobart came in 1893.

After the first world war the Glenorchy district attracted two large industrial plants – the Electrolytic Zinc Company at Lutana, opposite Risdon, and the Cadbury chocolate factory at Claremont at the northern end of the Glenorchy municipality.

In 1952 the Brooker Highway from Hobart to Berriedale began giving motor car access to Glenorchy. It put pressure on congested shopping areas in Moonah and Glenorchy, and the Council undertook street-widening and off-street parking works. By 1964, when Glenorchy was proclaimed a city, more than 150 industrial sites employed in excess of 50,000 people. The last orchards were subdivided in 1972.

Today, the City of Glenorchy has the second largest shopping district in southern Tasmania (the largest being in Hobart). The city has three major commercial areas including Moonah, Glenorchy CBD and Claremont.



The Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme 2015 sets out the way land can be used and developed within Glenorchy. The scheme is on the State Government’s iPlan website - view the Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme 2015 (external link).

The State Government’s iPlan system is the legal electronic database version of the scheme under planning legislation. However, our interactive webmap (external link) has extra information – such as maps of heritage-listed places and specific properties referenced in the planning scheme by their Certificate of Title.

You can also get information on the zoning of the land you are interested in and whether any overlays (such as biodiversity or inundation hazards) apply to the land through ‘my planning enquiry’ module on the iPlan website (external link).

Please be aware that not all codes are mapped (such as bushfire-prone areas), and other matters such as car parking and stormwater management requirements appear in other areas in the planning scheme.

Waste Management

We collect general waste either weekly or fortnightly, depending on what type of property you live in. The following information will help you to understand how our collection service works.

Garbage bin types and collection
Standard garbage service
Our standard garbage service applies if you live in an individual house, or some of the units in the city. The standard garbage bin is 140 litres, with a green lid and is collected fortnightly.

Shared garbage service
If you live in a flat, multi-occupancy property or unit development, you generally share one garbage wheelie bin between three units. These bins are stored in a bin enclosure at the entrance of the property; they are 240 litres, have red lids and are collected weekly.

Please note:

only Council issued bins will be emptied
excess garbage in bags or cartons will not be collected
bins overflowing, weighing greater than 70kg and/or containing unacceptable material will not be emptied

Health and Wellbeing

To help improve the health and well-being of residents, we have developed a Healthy Communities Plan.

The main priorities of the plan are to provide:

a natural and built environment that encourages active lifestyles and healthy eating
a cohesive and inclusive community with well-developed social and community networks and assets
improved personal health knowledge, practices and lifestyles.
The Sport and Recreation Development Officer oversees the implementation of the plan and can provide information on programs, resources and contacts for sport and recreation organisations.

Sports and Recreation

Glenorchy City Council has facilities for hire for community groups, teams and individuals. These include Community halls, tennis courts and sports grounds.
Council has halls available for general hire inclusive of:
Claremont Hall
Chigwell Barn
Berriedale Centre
Tolosa Street Hall
Moonah Community Centre
Collinsvale Hall
Tennis courts
Glenorchy City Council manage two facilities within the municipality. These include:
Montrose Tennis Courts (single external court with lighting available)
Bookings and key collection via the caretaker on 6272 6854
Cadbury Tennis Courts (two external courts - note: no lighting available).
Bookings and key collection via Glenorchy City Council customer service on 6216 6800 or contact us.
Council has sports grounds available for casual or permanent hire inclusive of:
KGV Sports and Community Precinct
North Chigwell Oval
Abbotsfield Park
Shoobridge Park
Cadburys Oval
Collinsvale Oval
Prince Of Wales Bay
Please use the sports ground hire application form to make a booking. For more information, please check our sportsground closures page.

All bookings
To find out more or to book any of these facilities please contact us.

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