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Dorset Council

a vibrant community of natural living for today and tomorrow
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Dorset Council employs 56 full-time equivalent staff, at various sites throughout the Dorset municipality.

Our Infrastracture Team is located at depots situated in Scottsdale, Bridport and Derby.

Dorset Council also employs seasonal, casual staff to operate our pools in Scottsdale and Branxholm, cleaners and caretakers for our public amenities and halls, and caretakers for the Bridport Caravan Park.

Our Vision - A vibrant Community of Natural living for today and tomorrow.

Our Mission - To improve the quality of life of the poeple of Dorset through services based on the principles of quality, equity, value and responsiveness.


Customer Service Request

Do you have a request for maintenance works, or would like to report an issue? Contact us and you will be directed to the most appropriate Council Officer for investigation and response.


Dorset Council offer a range of methods for payment of your rates and charges.

Animal Management

Please contact Dorset Council's Animal Management Officer on 03 6352 6537.


Dorset Council is responsible and retains records for various cemeteries around the Dorset Municipality

Dorset Council maintains and retains records for the following cemeteries:
Branxholm Cemetery & Wall
Bridport Cemetery & Wall
Gladstone Cemetery & Wall
Moorina Cemetery & Wall
Nabowla Cemetery
Ringarooma Cemetery & Wall
Scottsdale Ellesmere Cemetery, Rose Garden & Wall
Springfield Cemetery
Stronach Cemetery

Permits & Licences

Are you running a public event?
You may require particular permits and/or licences from Dorset Council. Click on the links below to be redirected to the information required.

Temporary Occupancy Permit
Application for Mass Gathering (previously Place of Assembly)
Food Registration
Food Registration Notification
Facility Hire
Application for Street Closure
More information can be found in this Event Licence Guide, or by contacting Dorset Council on 03 6352 6500.

Building & Development:
Are you thinking of building on your property?
You may require planning and building permits for works. Click on the links below for the relevant information.

Building & Plumbing
Planning & Subdivision
Do you have more than 3 dogs registered on your property?
If you do, then you will need to apply for a Kennel Licence. An information pack is provided below for your assistance.

Kennel Licence Information Pack

The purpose of this application is for Dorset Council to provide approval for works to be undertaken in the road reservation, if they impact Dorset Council assets or involve public safety.

Application for Permit to Carry Out Works in a Road Reserve

Other Licences/Permits:
Here are other licences and permits that you may require for various reasons:

Fencing Agreement - property that adjoins a Council reserve
Private Works Application Form

Citizenship Ceremonies

The Dorset Council conducts Australian Citizenship Ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The Council's role is to provide a ceremony where conferees are required to pledge their allegiance to Australia and its laws, and after which they receive their Certificate of Australian Citizenship. The presentation of a Citizenship Certificate is the final step to becoming an Australian Citizen.

Once you have received notification from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Council will contact you to make arrangements for the next available ceremony.

The official ceremony is very brief and family and guests are welcome to attend. An electoral form is also completed at the ceremony, so that the names of new citizens can be added to the Electoral Roll.

The Council may be able to arrange a private ceremony when a citizenship is required urgently or is specifically requested by the recipient. However, the recipient must provide a valid reason why a public ceremony is not appropriate. A private ceremony is held on a date and time mutually convenient to the recipient and the Presiding Officer, which is usually the Mayor.

Council Facilities for Hire

Dorset Council facilities for hire include Community Halls and Recreation Venues.

To hire a Council facility, an Application for Facility Hire Form must be completed and returned to the Council Office at 3 Ellenor Street, Scottsdale (PO Box 21, Scottsdale, TASMANIA 7260).

For assistance in completing these forms, or for further information including availability, contact the Council Office on 03 6352 6500.

Heavy Vehicle Networks

Dorset Council TSPV-4 (& below) Approved Network
Road List
Over Size Over Mass Vehicle Network
For more information on the changes to the networks, please see the Department of State Growth - Transport website here for more details and to view maps and guides.

Heavy Vehicle Regulations
For heavy vehicle regulations and further information please see the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator website.

Emergency Management & Recovery

The Dorset Emergency Management Plan describes the emergency management arrangements for the municipal area of Dorset, in order to counter the impact and effect of emergencies on our community.

The Dorset Emergency Management Plan is issued under the authority of the State Controller, in accordance with the requirements of Section 34 of the Emergency Management Act 2006 and is maintained by Council. The Plan was reviewed in early 2018 and has now been endorsed by the State Controller.

The objectives of this plan are to record:

1. Roles and responsibilities related to identified hazards and emergency management functions
2. Current arrangements for Prevention and Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
3. Identify opportunities to reduce risks to the community

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