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Brighton Council is one of 29 local authorities throughout Tasmania, with Local Government being the third level of Government after the Federal and State Governments.

Council operates under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993, which gives Council certain powers and responsibilities to ensure good government for the people of the area.

Council provides a wide range of services to the community including:

Construction and maintenance of roads
Construction and maintenance of streetscapes, parks and public recreation and sporting amenities
Parks and public amenities
Community development
Economic development
Town planning
Waste management
Animal Management
Environmental Health

There are nine councillors with local government elections for mayor, deputy mayor and councillors held every four years.

The next election will be held in October 2018.


Animal Management

Dogs are an important part of the community and many people value their companionship. Council encourages owners to comply with the Dog Control Act 2000 and asks you to follow some basic guidelines that recognise the rights of all community members:

Ensure dogs over six months old are registered.
Ensure your dog is microchipped.
Clean up any droppings left by dogs.
Ensure your dog is on a lead on all roads, footpaths, nature strips and public walkways or cycleways.
Inform Council on the death or transfer of ownership of a dog.
Ensure your dog is tethered around people. Dogs must not attack a person or animal.
Ensure your dog doesn't bark continually and cause a noise nuisance.
Maintain effective control of your dog.
Ensure no more than two dogs are allowed to be kept on a property in a residential area.
Keep no more than two dogs over six months of age, or four in the case of working dogs, on premises unless a kennel licence has been approved (outside a residential area).
The Animal Control Officer regularly patrols all suburban areas and an after hours service is available in case of an emergency such as a dog attack.

If the Animal Control Officer has picked up your dog it will be taken to the Dogs Home at 101 Scotts Road, Risdon Vale, phone (03) 6243 5177.

For more information about responsible dog ownership phone the Brighton Council Animal Control Officers on (03) 6268 7008, 8.15am - 4.45pm (Mon - Fri).

For current Registraton Fees please phone Brighton Council Customer Service Officers on (03) 6268 7000, 8:15am - 4:45pm (Mon - Fri).

Dog Registrations must be paid by the 31st July to be eligible for a discount. Full fees will apply after the 31st July, failure to pay this registration may result in further action being taken against you, the Owner.

New Dog Registrations
If your dog has not been previously registered with the Brighton Council before, you must register your dog in person at the Council Offices and provide a microchip number.

Concession Cards
If you are claiming Pension Concession or Health Care Card Concession you must register it in person at the Council Offices.

Change of Details to your Dog Registration
If details of your Dog Registration have changed, you should notify Brighton Council prior to making payment. This can be done in person or by mail.

Evidence of Classifications for Dog Registrations
The following evidence needs to be produced prior to your dog being registered in the appropriate class.

Desexed Dog
Certificate of sterilisation from veterinary surgeon that the dog is sterilised or the provision of a Statutory Declaration.

Pure Breed Dogs
Certificate of registration and pedigree issued by the Tasmanian Canine Association (TCA) or equivalent interstate certification, plus current membership card of TCA.

Working Dog
ABN number relating to farming business. Only applies to breeds recognised as working dogs by the Tasmanian Canine Association.

Registration Certificate of the Tasmanian Greyhound Racing Council

Paying Your Dog Registrations
Please refer to our Payments section for information on how to may a payment.

Registration Fees
Please refer to our Forms Page for information on registration fees.

Any person may make a written submission to the General Manager at 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach, 7017 or by email at admin@brighton.tas.gov.au.

Building & Plumbing

To assist the building trade and the home builder, Officers are available between 8.15am and 4.45pm to assist with the following:

Building approvals.
Plumbing approvals and inspections.
Building and drainage plans.
Stormwater infiltration and soakage inspections.
Advice on regulations.
For more information contact Council's Building Office on (03) 6268 7016.

To download an application form for Building or Plumbing click on this Forms link and download the appropriate document.

Please contact the Council Offices on (03) 6268 7016 for current fees and charges.


Council has resolved to discontinue providing Building Surveying Direct Services that includes the assessment and issue of Certificates of Likely Compliance and associated Building Inspections. Under the Building Act 2016, Certificates of Likely Compliance are certificates issued by a Building Surveyor certifying likely compliance with provisions contained within the National Construction Code.

Council will continue to provide Building Inspections, Occupancy Permits and Certificates of Final Inspection for those building works certified by Council prior to September 30 2004.

Anyone submitting documentation to Council (Permit Authority) for the issue of a Building Permit is to provide a Certificate of Likely Compliance issued by a private Building Surveyor.

If you are unsure about where to obtain the services of a private Building Surveyor please refer to the list of practising private Building Surveyors listed in the yellow pages of the telephone directory.

Boundary Fencing and Special Requirements for Swimming Pools
Brighton Council receives many inquiries relating to fencing matters. Under Building and Plumbing on our Forms Page, we have a Fencing Guidelines Information Sheet for download/viewing.

Save money on energy efficient product buy

Brighton Council and other southern councils have teamed up with Sustainable Living Tasmania’s ecohomeguide.com.au to create the Home Energy Bulk Buy for energy-efficient heat pumps, hot water services, insulation, LED lighting, solar panels and other products.

Buying in bulk brings down the cost per item. Products chosen for the buy will be based on quality, price and performance.

If you are interested in buying an energy efficient product in the coming months, you can register your interest at ecohomeguide.com.au

The Home Energy Bulk Buy will be available at the same time as the Tasmanian Government’s Energy Efficiency Loan Scheme that has three-year interest-free loans of up to $10,000 for individuals to install energy-efficient and renewable-energy equipment. For more information about the loans visit auroraenergy.com.au/teels

Community Grants Program

Brighton Council has a policy to provide limited grant assistance to community and sporting groups.

Applicants seeking assistance for the each Financial Year must submit an application to the General Manager by a specified date.

Please refer to the Policy Guidelines regarding Funding Categories and Criteria. Applications must be on the form provided by Council and must include all supporting documentation.

To download an Application Form or view the Policy Guidelines click on this Forms link.

Further inquiries may be directed to Cathy Harper on (03) 6268 7000.

Environmental Health

FREE Online I'm Alert Food Hygiene Training
Brighton Council is pleased to provide you with FREE and unlimited access to a new product that will assist food handlers and people with an interest in food hygiene procedures to gain valuable skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene.

This program is presented in an interactive, easy-to-follow, and entertaining format and includes the ability for the user to print off an acknowledgement form and a certificate on completion of the program that can be kept as proof of accreditation.

This training program can also be used to assist food business managers in ensuring all staff are trained in this important area reducing any risk of food-borne illness resulting from poor food handling practices.

It is recommended anyone handling food on a regular basis complete this program annually as part of their training. This is a great opportunity to provide relevant up-to-date training that would otherwise cost individuals and businesses money and a great deal more in time.

For further information on the food safety topics within this training program, please contact Council's Environmental Health Department on (03) 6268 7029.

Click here to visit our I'm Alert Food Hygiene Training website presented by Environmental Health Australia.

Please note the I’m Alert Food Hygiene Training program is best completed in the one session if you wish to print out a certificate of completion, this takes approximately 2 hours. For those wanting to address specific areas of food hygiene, individual modules such as temperature control, hand washing etc. can be done individually and take approximately 5 to 10 minutes each.

Immunisation Information
Immunisation sessions are conducted on the first Tuesday of every month (unless a Public Holiday falls on the Tuesday) from 2:00pm - 3:00pm at the Bridgewater Community Health Centre located 27 Green Point Road, Bridgewater.

Community Meningococcal Vaccination Program

In response to the increased number of Meningococcal cases (N.meningitidis serotype W) in the Greater Hobart area over the past few weeks, the State Government have planned an urgent population-wide vaccination intervention to protect age cohorts most at risk of the disease and who have the highest carriage and spread of the bacterium.

All Tasmanians aged between 6 weeks up to 21 years (i.e. born after 1 August 1997) will be eligible for a free meningococcal ACWY vaccine. Vaccine will be delivered Statewide through general practice, Council Immunisation Clinics and some pharmacies (10-21 years old only), and other community-based vaccination clinics.

Two vaccines will be available: Nimenrix® for 6 weeks to 23 months of age; Menactra® from 24 months and older.

Please note these vaccines are available for all eligible persons at Brighton Councils monthly immunisation Clinic, with the next clinic to be held on the 7th August at the Bridgewater Community Health Centre (27 Green Point Road) between 2 and 3pm, no appointment is necessary.

For any further details please contact Brighton Councils Senior Environmental Health Officer on 62687029

Please click here to view the free vaccinations which are available for both children and adults.

In addition, Commonwealth funding has allowed Council to provide free of charge influenza vaccine to people 65 years old and over.

Additional Vaccinations: Apart from offering the full range of vaccines on the standard vaccination schedule to infants, children and adults, Council also offers a 20% subsidy (off the wholesale cost) to residents for Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Chicken Pox, Influenze and Meningococcal vaccines. The cost to non-residents is wholesale plus a small administrative fee. All vaccines NOT on the standard schedule must be pre-booked two weeks before normal clinic days be contacting Council's Environmental Health Officer on (03) 6268 7029.

For any further information, please contact Council's Environmental Health Officer on (03) 6268 7029.

Immunisation Record Request
If you would like to request an Immunisation Record Certificate, please complete this WebForm.

Noise Information
Noise can really upset your neighbour so be considerate. Under the Environmental Management & Pollution Control (Miscellaneous Noise) Regulations 2004 there are certain defined hours you can use noisy equipment.

General Equipment
Power tools (excluding percussion tools), mixers and their drives, pumps and their drives, gas or air compressors, generators, etc

Permissible Hours for Use:
Monday - Friday - 7:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday - 8:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday, Good Friday & Christmas Day - 10:00am - 6:00pm

Permissible Hours for Use:
Monday - Friday - 7:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday - 8:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday, Good Friday & Christmas Day - 10:00am - 8:00pm

Chainsaws must not be used in a residential area or within 300m of a residence at anytime, unless for domestic garden maintenance on only one (1) day in any seven (7) consecutive days.

Usage must be between the following hours:
Mon - Fri - 7:00am - 6:00pm
Sat - 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sun & Public Holidays - 10:00am - 6:00pm

Recreational Vehicles
A person must not operate a motor vehicle (i.e. dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, buggies, etc.) for sport or recreational purposes within 500 metres of a residential premises unless the motor vehicle is being operated by, or with the consent of, the occupier of the premises.

Please note 'premises' includes the grounds on which the home is located and is not restricted from the location of the dwelling itself. The 500m buffer distance is measured from the property boundaries on which the premises is located

For further information regarding Noise Information or complaints, please contact Council's Environmental & Development Services Department on (03) 6268 7029.

Incinerators, Burning off & Wood Heaters
The following extract is from Council's Environmental Health By-Law No. 1 of 2004. This extract relates to Part 5 - Control of Incinerators, Open Air Burning and Wood Heaters.

Interpretation of Part 5

21. In this Part -

"barbecue" means any device, structure or equipment used or adapted for use for cooking food for human consumption in the open air;

"incinerator" includes any fireplace, construction or container not housed inside a building, which is used for the purpose of burning any flammable material and which is not licensed under the provisions of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994, but does not include a barbecue whilst being used bona fide for any purpose in connection with the cooking of food for human consumption;

"Building Code of Australia" means the code produced by the Australian Building Code Board relating to the design and construction of buildings.

Incinerator construction

22. A person must not install an incinerator that is not constructed of a suitable non-combustible material such as brick, concrete or metal.

23. The proprietor must maintain an incinerator in good repair and in a manner that promotes efficient combustion.

24. All incinerators must be fitted with a lid and/or approved spark arrester so as to prevent the emission of ash and other particulates.

25. An incinerator or open-air fire must not be constructed on any property within the municipal area unless:

(a) it is situated not less than 2 metres from any boundary;

(b) it is situated not less than 10 metres from any dwelling; and

(c) it is clear of any overhanging foliage or other flammable material.


26. Provisions of this By-law are in addition to and not in derogation of the provisions of the Fire Service Act 1979.

27. A person must not on any land burn or cause or allow to be burned in an incinerator or open air fire any matter, material or substance in such a manner or to such an extent as to cause a nuisance, environmental harm, or as to be liable to be dangerous to health or as to be offensive to any person.

28. (1) A person must not light or allow to be lit or to remain alight more than one incinerator or open-air fire at any one time on any property within a residential zone.

(2) A person must not light an incinerator or open-air fire or allow an incinerator or open-air fire to be lit or to remain alight unless a garden hose that is connected to a water supply, which is long enough to reach the incinerator or open-air fire, or another suitable means of fire extinguishment, is provided.

29. A person must not, on any land, burn or cause or allow to be burned -

(a) any rubber or plastic substance;

(b) any petroleum oil or material containing petroleum oil;

(c) any paints or receptacles which contain or which contained paints;

(d) any manufactured chemicals;

(e) any food waste;

(f) green plant or vegetable matter; or

(g) used aerosol cans, or anything similar using a pressurised propellant in its operation.

Restricted times and method of burning

30. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this By-law to the contrary a person must not light or allow to be lit or to remain alight any incinerator or open air fire -

(a) on any day on which a total fire ban has been declared; and

(b) on any property within a residential zone on any day or time other than Monday, Wednesday or Saturday between the hours of 10 a.m. - and 4 p.m. within a non fire permit period (as defined under the Fire Service Act 1979).

31. A person must not light or allow to be lit or to remain alight an incinerator or open-air fire on any land unless -

(a) the waste is dry; and

(b) the waste has been lightly loaded so as to allow sufficient air to circulate through the waste to facilitate complete combustion.

32. (1) Any person who is burning any material in contravention of this Part must extinguish the fire if instructed to do so by an authorised officer.

(2) The Council may undertake to extinguish the fire if the person fails to comply with the instructions given in accordance with sub-clause (1) within a reasonable time.

(3) The Council may recover its expenses in undertaking work under sub-clause (2) from the person who fails to comply with the instruction under sub-clause (1) as a debt due to it, in addition to any penalty imposed under sub-clause (1).

Domestic wood heaters and stoves

33. A person must not use a domestic wood-burning appliance, including heaters and stoves, unless:

(a) only seasoned wood is used;

(b) rubbish or materials that could create noxious fumes or odours are not burnt;

(c) a flue with a cowl is fitted in accordance with the Building Code of Australia; and

(d) the flue is regularly cleaned.

A full copy of the Environmental Health by-law can be download on the following link:-

By-Law No. 1/2015 - Environmental Health

Air Quality Regulations
New Air Quality Regulations
Recently, the Department of Tourism, Arts and the Environment released new legislation dealing with backyard burning; wood heater smoke; and the importation, manufacture and sale of woodheaters.

Following, are 3 Pamphlets which may assist explaining the intent of the legislation and contain a summary of the requirements.

Backyard Burning Pamphlet

Wood Heater Emissions Pamphlet

Wood Heater Seller Pamphlet

Asbestos Pamphlet

Smoke-free Public Events
Carols By Candlelight
Under the Public Health Act 1997, the Director of Public Health has the authority to designate classes of public events as smoke-free. The Director has used this authority to declare all carols by candlelight events as smoke-free from 1st November 2012.

Banning smoking at carols by candlelight events will help to de-normalise tobacco to children at an event predominately attended by families with children. Smoking is less likely to be considered the norm when it is removed from busy public areas, particularly where there are young people. It also protects the health of non-smokers, including staff and patrons from exposure to harmful second-hand smoke and supports smokers by making it easier to quit or remain quit.

Selected Markets and Festivals
From 2nd January 2013 selected markets, food and wine and music festivals are to be smoke-free or have designated areas for smoking. Events in the Brighton Municipality to which this will apply as of 2 January 2013 are:

The Brighton Show

For further information regarding Smoke-Free Public Events within the Brighton Municipality, please contact the Brighton Council Environmental Health Department on (03) 6268 7029

Fire Hazards

Every year Brighton Council is faced with what can be a time consuming and costly task of inspecting and arranging for the removal of fire hazards throughout the municipality. The purpose of this notice is to remind property owners of the need to ensure that wherever possible, flammable material is removed before it dries out and becomes a threat to neighbouring properties.

Council urges owners and occupiers to reduce the danger which could arise from growth on their property and to keep that land clear from undergrowth particularly through the summer months.

When fire hazards are confirmed Council has no alternative but to issue abatement notices in accordance with Division 6 of the Local Government Act 1993. Failure to comply with abatement notices will result in the land being compulsorily cleared at the owner's expense.

All inquiries should be directed to the Brighton Council on (03) 6268 7000, between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon - Fri).

Hall & Ground Hire

Brighton Council has a number of venues available to hire for both business functions and private events to suit for casual or permanent basis. Such venues include community halls and centres, function rooms, sports grounds/ovals, show grounds and a municipal civic centre.

Halls and Centres
Brighton Civic Centre

Brighton Municipal Memorial Hall

Old Beach Community Centre

Grounds and Ovals
Brighton Soccer Ground

Ferguson Oval

Gunn Oval

Cloak Oval

Pontville Park Equestrian and Kennel Arenas

Thompson Oval

Weily Park Oval

Booking Information and Fees/Bonds
When booking a venue or ground/oval, all application forms must be completed and returned to Council at least two weeks prior to the booking. All fees and/or bonds must be paid in full prior to the event, at that time bookings will be confirmed by a customer service officer.

Insurance and Fire Warden Information
All associations, organisations and/or clubs must provide a copy of their current Public Liability Certificate at the time of application. The policy shall be for a minimum of $10 million and must be in the name of the hirer.

Hirers of the Pontville Hall and Brighton Civic Centre must submit an additional Nomination of Fire Warden Form. This is a requirement under the Tasmania Fire Service General Fire Regulations 2000, for all public buildings with an occupancy capacity of 150 or more. Emergency Procedures for these buildings also be downloaded from our Forms Page.

Forms and Documentation
Please visit our Forms Page to view the current Hall and Ground Hire Application Forms, Conditions of Use Forms, Insurance and Fire Warden Information Documents as well as the Schedule of Fees Forms.

All application forms, along with relevant Public Liability Certificates can be returned to Council along with all payable Fees and/or Bonds to:

Brighton Council
1 Tivoli Road
Old Beach TAS 7017

You may also return your forms via email to admin@brighton.tas.gov.au.

All Hire Fees and/or Bonds must be paid in full prior to Hiring Council Facilities.

Roads & Bridges

Brighton Council's Physical Services Department manages Council's infrastructure and assets. Physical Services comprises two sections: Asset Services and the Works Department. Asset Services manages Council's assets while the Works Department undertakes the works required to construct, repair and maintain these assets.

Council's objective is to maintain the road network to a standard that is acceptable and safe for the travelling public.

Council maintains a number of bridges, culverts and pedestrian underpasses that form part of the road network. Council's objective is to maintain these bridges and underpasses to a standard that is acceptable and safe for the travelling public.

Anyone wanting to notify Council of a pothole or repairs to a road, bridge or footpath should contact Council's Customer Service Officers on (03) 6268 7000, between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon - Fri) or email admin@brighton.tas.gov.au

Rates Information

Property rates are Brighton Council’s principal revenue source. Brighton operates under a fair rating system. This system, and Council's efficient management has enabled Brighton to keep rate rises at or below the rate of increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The rating system comprises a fixed component for services that are enjoyed equally by all ratepayers and includes a differential based on locality that recognises capacity to pay.

Rates are charged for various services and owners pay rates according to whether all or only some of the services supplied are available to a particular property.

To view Brighton Council's Rates and Charges for the current Financial Year, please visit our Forms Page.

If you would like to contact Council regarding your Rates, please phone the Brighton Council Rates Office on (03) 6268 7025 between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon - Fri).

If you want to make an online rates payment, please visit our BPOINT Payment Page.

Register for E-Notices
To register for e-notices for accessing online Rate Notices, please visit this link.

Please note, you will need to enter your Reference Number, as it appears on your Rate Notice.

Changes to Your Details
Any changes in your personal information (eg postal/residential addresses) should be forwarded to Brighton Council as soon as possible to ensure all records are kept up to date.

You may do this through one of the following options:

In person at our Council Offices, 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach, TAS 7017 between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon - Fri)
Phone the Brighton Council on (03) 6268 7000, between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon - Fri)
Post your information to the Brighton Council, 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach, TAS 7017
Or email: admin@brighton.tas.gov.au
Please note that in the case of a name change (ie Marriage), Council advises these changes must be made through the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water & Environment, which will in due course notify Council. This ensures all Title Records and Information remain current and accurate across all relevant Departments.

Direct Debit is available for all Rate Instalments
Direct Debit is a more convenient and efficient way to pay your Rates. Using Direct Debit, Brighton Council can electronically transfer funds from your bank account to pay your Rates.

Direct Debit Options
Payments made via Direct Debit can be as follows:

Instalment Dates
Payment in full on the first Instalment Date
Please note, that Interest is applied on all overdue amounts when the Rates are not paid in full by the end of a financial year.

Please refer to our Forms Page for copies of Brighton Council's Direct Debit and Service Agreement Forms for information regarding the Terms and Conditions of the Direct Debit Agreements.

If you want to proceed with a Direct Debit please contact the Rates Office for assistance.

Change of Details
Anyone wanting to change their Direct Debit Details should contact the Rates Office (03) 6268 7025 between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon - Fri) or email rates@brighton.tas.gov.au.

Government Concessions
If you receive a Pension Concession or a Health Care Card (not a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card) you may be eligible for a concession on your rates.

For existing concession card-holders, verified by Centrelink or Veterans' Affairs, these remissions will be automatically shown as a reduction on your rates notice when they are issued.

If your remission is not automatically shown as a reduction on your rates notice, please contact the Brighton Council Rates Office on (03) 6268 7025 between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon - Fri).

All eligible Concession Card holders must present their current (in-date) Pension Concession Card or Heath Care Card when applying for a Concession Rate on their Rates.

New card holders (if the start on card is on or before July 1) should complete a remission form before March 31 of each financial year. For further information, including conditions of elegibility for a Pension Concession, contact the Rates Office on (03) 6268 7025 between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon - Fri).


Brighton Council support numerous ways to pay your Accounts. You may use any of the following at your leisure;

Online Payments
Please visit our BPOINT Payment Page to make an online payment using your Visa or MasterCard.

Please note a minimum payment of $10.00 is required when an Account is not paid in full (ie a part-payment) with a $1.00 fee being added to EACH individual payment.

Payments in Person
To pay your Accounts in person (cash, cheque, money order or EFTPOS), please visit the Council Chambers 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach TAS 7017 8:15am - 4:45pm (Mon - Fri).

Australia Post
Payments to Australia Post can be made Australia-Wide. Notices containing the original barcode are required for scanning when paying at Australia Post.

Please note a minimum payment of $50.00 is required when an Account is not paid in full (ie a part-payment).

Payments may be posted to the Brighton Council 1 Tivoli Road, Old Beach TAS 7017.

Phone Payment
Call Brighton Council on 1300 366 740 - anytime to pay with Mastercard or Visa.

The location of your Payment Reference Number can be found on the front of your rates notice.


Planning in the Brighton municipality is vital. It ensures the orderly and sustainable development of housing, business and community services, and allows the community to provide input as to how the municipality is developed.

Brighton Council is responsible for statutory and strategic land use and development, including the assessment of applications for use and development on land under the Brighton Interim Planning Scheme 2015 (the 'Scheme'). Longer-term strategic planning for sustainable land-use within the municipality is guided by a range of strategic land use documents and implemented through the use of zones (for example, residential, industrial, commercial, rural etc). The zone that applies to a particular area of land then defines what use and development is possible on it.

A guide to the Tasmanian planning system can be found here.

What requires assessment?
If you are hoping to develop your land, or change the way it is predominantly used, it is safe to assume that an Application for Planning Approval will need to be lodged with Council for assessment. Use refers to the predominant manner in which land is utilised; while development includes, but it is not limited to:

Construction or exterior alteration of a building or works
Demolition or removal of a building or works
Earth-moving works or vegetation removal
Subdivision of land
Relocation of a structure
Display of signs
If unsure about what constitutes a development or change of use, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For subdivision and strata applications, please use this Application for Planning Approval form. Both Application for Planning Approval forms have a checklist of what is required in terms of supporting documentation when submitting a valid planning application.

The assessment process
Council administers planning regulations through the Scheme which separates the municipality into zones. Overlays may also apply to your property. These provide trigger additional planning codes for important values and considerations such as heritage, biodiversity, waterways, erosion, and more. The Scheme stipulates use and development standards for each zone and code and these standards must be complied with.

To find out what zones and overlays apply to your property, you can contact us or use the My Planning Enquiry tool ('iplan' is a state-wide resource for planning and development in Tasmania).

The planning approval process focuses particularly on the impact of the proposal on the site and neighbouring land. Generally, it will address issues such as the following:

Will it cause overshadowing or loss of privacy to neighbours?
Is it located an appropriate distance from boundaries?
Is the scale and size appropriate for the area?
Does it improve, maintain or detract from the streetscape?
Is there adequate car and bicycle parking?
Can it be drained and safely accessed?
Are there any environmental values or constraints that need to be considered?
A Council planning officer will assess your planning application against the standards of the Scheme. The guiding Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (the 'Act') provides timeframes for Council to determine an application. These are discussed in more detail below.

Types of application

Part 5 and Part 6 of the Scheme lists the types of use and development that are exempt from requiring planning approval. It is important to note that despite an exempt status, building and plumbing approvals may still be required from Council. It is always best to check with planning staff whether or not your use and development is exempt.

Any use not listed as exempt will require assessment against the Scheme to determine if the development is classified as NPR (no planning permit required), Permitted, Discretionary or Prohibited, which are described below.

NPR (No Planning Permit Required):

An NPR use or development means that the use or development applied for complies with the relevant Acceptable Solutions of the Planning Scheme and does not require a Planning Permit. NPR applications are usually assessed within a few days.

Permitted (no public notification):

A permitted application means that Council must grant approval if all provisions of the Scheme are complied with; however, may impose conditions on the permit.

Council has 14 days to request additional information that may be required to make a determination and 28 days to determine an application. Any additional information request will stop the assessment timeframe.

Discretionary (public notification required):

A Discretionary application can either be approved with or without conditions or alternatively refused by Council. Council has 21 days to request additional information that may be required to make a determination and 42 days to determine an application. Any additional information request will stop the assessment timeframe.

A discretionary application requires a 14 day public notification period during which any person may make a written representation to Council in support or opposition of your proposal. The preferred way to make a representation is to email development@brighton.tas.gov.au.

The advertising period requires Council to place an advertisement in the Mercury Newspaper, a sign erected on the property boundary and letters sent to the adjoining property owners. A discretionary proposal may be approved or refused based on its merits, and any decision may be appealed through the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal.

Most applications are determined by Council officers under delegation from Council. However, if one or more representations are received within the advertising period an application will be determined by a meeting of Council.

Prohibited (Council must refuse the application):

A prohibited proposal means that Council cannot grant approval as the particular use or development is stipulated as being a Prohibited development within the respective zone. Applications can also become prohibited if certain provisions of the Scheme are not complied with. In this scenario, you may make an application to amend the planning scheme to allow your application and you are strongly encouraged to engage a planning consultant to assist you with any application.

Current fees
Below are the most common planning-related fees required by Council:

Use and Development Application: $95 (+ $1.50 per $1,000 of works value over $20,000)
Subdivision Application: $370 + $70 per lot
Advertising (only required for Discretionary applications): $370
This is not a comprehensive list. All current Council fees can be found here.

Strategic planning
Council are responsible for strategic land-use planning within the municipality. Strategic land-use planning aims to facilitate economic development, enhance livability, provide efficient infrastructure delivery and prevent land-use conflicts.

The following strategic planning documents guide future development of the Brighton municipality:

Brighton Structure Plan 2012
Brighton Local Area Plan 2012
Open Space Strategy 2012
Brighton Tomorrow 2015
Bridgewater Parkland Master Plan 2016
Greening Brighton Strategy 2016-2021
The above strategic plans are generally implemented through planning scheme amendments, particularly the rezoning of land. Council or a member of the public can initiate a planning scheme amendment, however it is important that it aligns with the strategic aims of Council and also State Government.

It is recommended that you contact a planning staff member if you wish to discuss the planning scheme amendment process in more detail.

Contact and more information
Please contact Brighton Council Development Services on (03) 6268 7041 or development@brighton.tas.gov.au if you have any queries.

Alternatively, you can make an online planning enquiry at www.iplan.tas.gov.au.

Waste Management

Waste management is an area of core business for all councils. It encompasses all activities and services that revolve around collecting, disposing and reducing waste. In dealing with waste management, Brighton Council uses the most effective technologies and methods available while also striving to protect environmental and public health.
All Tasmanian councils run some form of garbage collection and recycling service and/or operate waste transfer stations and/or landfill sites.

Brighton Council is also a member of the Southern Waste Strategy Authority. This authority, involving 12 southern Tasmanian Councils, works to implement a Waste Management Strategy for Southern Tasmania. It runs a number of programs and educational activities focused on:
- Reduction of waste
- Re-use
- Recycling/reprocessing to recover resources
- Responsible waste disposal

Details of the Authority's Business Plan and Programs are available for viewing on the Southern Waste Strategy Authority website.

Brighton Council Waste Transfer Station
131 Cove Hill Road
Bridgewater TAS 7030
Fri - Mon from 8.30am to 4.30pm
Tues - Thurs - CLOSED
Christmas Day and Good Friday - CLOSED

Waste Transfer Station Charges
To view Brighton Council's Waste Transfer Station Charges for the current Financial Year, please visit our Forms Page.

Househould Waste and Recycling

Brighton Council offers fortnightly kerbside garbage and recycling bin collections.

This Garbage Collection Map shows collection areas.

Please ensure your bins are at the kerbside ready for collection by 6am on your day of service.

If you need a new or replacement garbage or recycle bin please contact Brighton Council Customer Service on (03) 6268 7000 between 8.15am and 4.45pm (Mon - Fri) or visit our Forms Page to download the Request for Issue of Waste Container Form.

Signed and completed forms may be returned to:

Brighton Council
1 Tivoli Road
Old Beach TAS 7017

You may also return your forms by emailing them to waste.management@brighton.tas.gov.au or by facsimilie to (03) 6268 7013.

Council offers a delivery service for new and replacement garbage and recycle bins every Wednesday.

Items That Can Be Collected

Milk cartons (washed)
Glass bottles (washed)
Aluminium and Steel cans
PET and HDPE plastic bottles
Recyclable products are only collected if placed in the Council marked recycling bin.

Items which cannot be collected
Car batteries
Engine oil
Soiled paper (eg dirty nappies)
Soiled cardboard items (eg pizza boxes)
Plastic bags
If recycling is not collected because it does not comply with requirements, a sticker detailing reasons will be attached to your recycle bin. Please dispose of these items in your wheelie bin. However, car batteries, engine oil and paints can be recycled if taken to the Waste Transfer Station.

For more information on collection days, missed collections or replacing a recycle bin phone the Brighton Council Customer Service on (03) 6268 7000.

Waste Oil Collection Facility
Brighton Council operate a bunded oil recycling facility located at the Waste Transfer Station. The purpose of the bunded oil recycling facility is to:

Encourage recycled oil collection at the Waste Transfer Station
Increase the service provision to the general community of the type and nature of services to the waste management facility in general; and
Add protection to the pristine environment including the Derwent and Jordan Rivers
Green and Hard Waste Collection
Brighton Council offers a FREE Green and Hard Waste collection service to help residents dispose of unwanted items* and green waste. This service is free for residents who currently receive a kerbside rubbish collection.

Green/Hard waste collections are done on the first Tuesday of June and December each year.

* Please note that vehicle tyres are no longer accepted as part of these collections.

How to get your Green/Hard Waste collected

Waste must be placed on the nature strip the night before collection is due
Items must be able to be lifted by two men
All hard waste items must not exceed two metres in length
All items such as tree branches and cuttings must be tied in 20kg or less bundles and a maximum of 1.5m in length and 20cm in diameter
Loose materials must be bagged
Items such as rubble, soil, rocks and concrete will not be collected
Total volume of items must not exceed 2m3.
Please do not endanger Council Staff by leaving broken glass, asbestos and chemicals out for collection (these items will also not be collected).

Bookings are not required.
If you have waste to be collected please place the waste outside on your nature strip the night before the collection is due. For more information, please contact the Brighton Council Waste Management Department on (03) 6268 7000.

Remember, this service is only available to residents who currently receive kerbside collection.

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