Simple Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Value

Taking care of basic maintenance tasks before you sell your home is a no-brainer, but a quick and not-too-costly renovation can add a lot of appeal for potential buyers, and may boost the final sale price. Basics first Fix those little faults that you no longer notice – leaky taps, rusty gutters, broken window catches. They c...

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8 Experts’ Hacks on Making Your Kitchen Accessible

Adaptive Living transforms your house into a home. We are experts on Adaptive Living, and allow us to provide you with pieces of advice to make your house truly your dream home. In planning to design or remodel your home for adaptive living, especially for people with limited mobility, one of the important facilities to consider is the kitchen....

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Accessible Bathroom Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

As more and more seniors are keen to aging in the comforts of their own homes independently, rather than in home care institutions, accessible homes have become popular. As a result, home renovations among elderly and even young ones have focused on accessibility and not just on style. Many have already realized tha...

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Five Ways to Make Your Courtyard Feel Like a Backyard

Having a tiny courtyard or balcony doesn’t mean missing out on the enjoyment of a garden. Here are five tips to help make your outdoor area feel bigger. 1. Plan Start by deciding what the area is for, whether it’s entertaining, having a quiet space, a kids’ play zone, or maybe your own little garden. Once you know what yo...

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6 Things to Consider Before You Renovate Your Home

Renovating can be big or little and considering your home if your asset, you want to make sure you cover everything that may pop up. Here are some tips before you start renovating: It is very important that you trust the contractor you choose to work with.  Look at feedback, recommendations from friends and family or take a look at...

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The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Renovations

Renovations are not a new concept in the world of construction, but what most people don’t realize is how renovations have now emerged as one of the best places to invest your money in. Basically, you search for poorly presented properties, one’s that are below median price, and pledge to change that through the renovation process. Easy as it m...

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