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When it comes to helping you transform your bathroom, we can make the difference for you.
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The VanityFix Company is your specialist bathroom vanities and tiles supplier in Melbourne. When it comes to helping you transform your bathroom, we can make the difference for you. We have always been dedicated to ensuring that we can help anyone with their bathroom ideas and see those creations come to life in front of their eyes. That is why we are the leading bathroom fixtures company in Melbourne – because we can do it all for our clients.

The Custom Made Vanity Selection That Can Make The Difference
Nothing can make your bathroom stand out more than having the perfect vanity unit. In our possession, we have an array of custom vanity cabinets that can transform your bathroom for the better. With this as our core value, we have elected to collect, create and supply a variety of custom vanity units that come in different styles, designs and sizes. By being able to have a collection of stunning custom bathroom vanities, we can meet everyone’s creative tastes, living requirements and bathroom requests. We have everything you need.

Create The Bathroom You Want With Our Custom Made Bathroom Vanities
The reason we are able to provide Melbourne with the complete service is because we have everything you need in bathroomware. As well as having the collection of custom bathroom vanities, we have showers, toilets, taps, tiles, mirrors and much more. With these extras combined with your custom bathroom vanities, you can truly have the bathroom you have always wanted. Mix, match and create with Vanity Fix Company. Our friendly team will be more than happy to help you so you get the bathroom you want in your Melbourne home. We are happy to help you through this whole process – just talk to us today!

Check out our custom vanity cabinets range or speak to us on 1800 851 107 today.

Transform Your Bathroom With Our Bathroom Supplies & Tiles
Bathrooms are a key component of any home and that is the reason that people are passionate about creating it in their own way. They want to enjoy not just the final look, but the whole process in which they can see their bathroom idea come to life. That is why we are here to provide you with the complete service – one that is aimed to ensuring that your bathroom idea becomes a reality. You can expect us to commit everything to you in the bid to see your bathroom in your Melbourne home transformed. We have the passion, experience and collection of bathroom supplies and tiles to make the difference.



Vanity Units Ready To Transform Your Bathroom

We have the collection of bathroom vanity cabinets for you. We have always believed that we can handle and deliver all types of modern bathroom vanities for all our clients. This way, when it comes to designing and managing your bathroom, we can do it all for you. With us in charge, you won’t miss out on the opportunity to get a bathroom vanity unit that will make the difference to your bathroom’s layout, feel and atmosphere. Trust us to handle all your types of bathroom vanity cabinets requirements and requests.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Collections That Can Make The Change

If you are looking for white vanity cabinets, black vanity cabinets, cheap bathroom vanities or anything that has a resemblance of a bathroom vanity unit, then we can help you. We have the collection for you that will make the difference to your bathroom. We can help you piece your bathroom together so you get what you want when it comes to your bathroom’s final design.


Nothing stands out more in a bathroom than a stunning new bath. It gives the room an extra dimension, a new feeling and expands it with a sense of style. That is why we have collected and selected an array of high quality bathtubs for you. We understand that everyone has different bathing requirements and creative requests. So it is up to us to ensure that our clients get the opportunity to get the bathtub they want. The Bathroomware Company is here to guarantee that you get what you want.

The Collection Of Bath Tubs For Your Bathroom

We have a variety of baths for sale in all kinds of designs and styles, so that you can get the bathroom you want in your home. We have all types of bathtubs that can be suited to your bathroom’s layout, as well as any adjustments that you seek to make. We have the likes of deep bathtubs, drop in bathtubs, freestanding bath, acrylic bathtub and much more. They come in all sizes, including large and small bathtubs.

Take a look through our collection of baths for sale today online or visit us at our showroom to see them firsthand. We are more than happy to help.


Combining Your Bathroom Basin With Your Dream Design

The Bathroomware Company is the company of bathroom loving experts that can help you with all your bathroom basins needs and requirements. We are the passionate experts that can help you craft, design and maximise your choice of wash basins into your bathroom’s design and layout. We have worked hard to create the collection for you, as well as ensure that whatever you choose will work with your bathroom. We will provide you with in-depth advice and sound logic so that the bathroom wash basin you choose will bring out the best for you. We can help you through the entire process so your bathroom comes to life the way you want to!

The Best Collection Of Bathroom Basins

We know that people have an array of different tastes and creative edges. That is why we have worked hard to ensure that we have the collection of bathroom wash basins, so that you get the basin you want. We have everything, including the likes of undermount bathroom sink, corner bathroom sink, hand wash basin, small bathroom sinks and vanity basins. We guarantee that you will get the bathroom basins that will make the difference.

Mirror Cabinets

Providers Of The Highest Quality Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets

Do you want to add a little bit of shine and sparkle to your bathroom? Do you also feel the need to have a solid mirror that can bring out the light? Then we can help you with our collection of bathroom mirror cabinets. We know that mirrors come part and parcel with bathrooms, so why not combine it with a cabinet that can help you with storage? This way, you maximise the space in your bathroom with a product that offers two key elements to your bathroom. That is why we are the bathroom loving experts you can trust with your mirrored bathroom cabinets.

Combining Your Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet With Your Bathroom

What makes the team at The Bathroomware Company stand out is our commitment to ensuring that your bathroom works all in tandem together. We can guarantee that with our expertise and sound advice, we can help you create the perfect combination in your bathroom. With our selection of mirror cabinets, we can help you create and stylise your bathroom so that you get the desired feeling and atmosphere you want!

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