Smarter Small Home

When 30-year veteran of the property and real estate industry Kevin Doodney thought about the housing affordability problem in Australia, he knew there had to be a solution. The Smarter Small Home™ is the affordable concept home that was the result of his vision – and chutzpah. The Rich History of Smarter Small Home While….

Hobart Nosedives to Australia’s Least Affordable Capital to Rent

Media Release by Brotherhood of St Laurence, Shelter, SGS, Community Sector Banking… with income growth failing to meet soaring prices Hobart has nosedived to become Australia’s least affordable capital city to rent, with income growth failing to meet soaring rents, according to the May Rental Affordability Index (RAI).The RAI is a price index for housing….

Universal Design – a Realistic Approach to the Future

Universal Design offers a wide range of benefits to people of all ages and abilities by creating an environment where people can feel more comfortable at home. It is a practical and modern approach to home design, construction, and renovation, bringing together the best of everything we know about building homes where a person’s needs….

Hobart Is The Fastest Selling Capital City Housing Market

The days on market metric provides an indication as to how quickly properties sold by private treaty are likely to sell. The current data at a national and capital city level shows fairly steady days on market however, we are seeing diverging trends across the individual cities. The Housing Market Forecast At the end of….

8 Experts’ Hacks on Making Your Kitchen Accessible

Adaptive Living transforms your house into a home. We are experts on Adaptive Living, and allow us to provide you with pieces of advice to make your house truly your dream home. In planning to design or remodel your home for adaptive living, especially for people with limited mobility, one of the important facilities to….

Latest Property Market Trends

Coming out of the Spring selling season, demand is still surging with low rates and house prices continuing to rise in most areas. According to NAB’s August Housing Market Report1, 2016 property prices have proved more resilient than expected, supported by higher than predicted population growth and two Reserve Bank cuts to interest rates. The….

Save on Your Summer Cooling Bills

It’s not just cold winters that cause our energy bills to skyrocket. Australia is known for its scorching summers, so on hot days it’s important to stay cool – but having the air conditioning blasting 24/7 can send your home’s running costs soaring. According to the Department of Environment and Energy, 40% of the energy….

Accessible Bathroom Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

As more and more seniors are keen to aging in the comforts of their own homes independently, rather than in home care institutions, accessible homes have become popular. As a result, home renovations among elderly and even young ones have focused on accessibility and not just on style. Many have already realized that as they….

How Your Broker Can Boost Your Business

Are you a property owner with a business? Your mortgage broker can help you with commercial and asset finance too. One of the basic tenets of work/life balance is: ‘Don’t bring your work home with you.’ But what if you could bring your home to work? It’s a scenario that homeowners with a business should….

Five Ways to Make Your Courtyard Feel Like a Backyard

Having a tiny courtyard or balcony doesn’t mean missing out on the enjoyment of a garden. Here are five tips to help make your outdoor area feel bigger. 1. Plan Start by deciding what the area is for, whether it’s entertaining, having a quiet space, a kids’ play zone, or maybe your own little garden…..