Property Life Lessons 2

Joint Ventures My partner and I had been building, renovating, and renting properties for about five years. We had the experience to take things to the next level. We worked hard, educated ourselves, and got our Builders License, and the idea of the Joint Venture was always in the back of our minds. I found….

Media Release April 2019

Tasmanian Properties are strengthening their position as the market leader for all things property in Tasmania with the successful completion of the Real Estate Institute Property Representatives Exam by Bruce Sloan and Jennifer Graham last week. Bruce is an experienced investor and says that he is looking forward to showing his clients that building your….

Simple Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Value

Taking care of basic maintenance tasks before you sell your home is a no-brainier, but a quick and not-too-costly renovation can add a lot of appeal for potential buyers, and may boost the final sale price. Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Value Basics first Fix those little faults that you no longer notice – leaky….

Budget Breakdown: Implications for Property Buyers and Sellers

How will 2018’s Budget affect the national property market? For buyers and sellers alike, we take a look at what you need to know. The 2017 Budget had a strong focus on housing supply and affordability. This year, housing took a back seat with no new, direct measures for first home buyers or renters. However,….

Refinancing Could Save You Thousands – and Give You Greater Flexibility

Reducing the interest you pay on your mortgage could help you save thousands of dollars in interest over the period of your loan. As there’s plenty of competition in the home loan sector, it could be worth looking around for a lower rate. What is refinancing? Refinancing is the process of replacing an existing loan….

Buying Property with Other People: Mine, Yours or Ours?

When people buy property together, particularly if it’s with a partner or spouse, they often register the title in both people’s names – especially if they’re going to live in the property. But other arrangements are possible, several friends might opt to own individual shares in a property, for example, or a couple might choose….

How Can We Address Development When We Have 29 Councils?

The failure of our local government authorities to address the issue of amalgamation leaves the Government with little option. It gave birth to the establishment of three regional planning authorities under the umbrella of the Tasmanian Planning Commission. Addressing Development to the 29 Councils How real is it to expect a co-ordinated approach to development….

Abolishing Land Tax

A Hodgman Liberal Government will… Introduce an immediate, fairer Land Tax rebate, cap bills at this year’s level and then progressively cut land tax from 2011‐12 over an eight-year period until abolishment. Land Tax is an unfair tax which is a drag on the Tasmanian economy. It affects all Tasmanians, because it reflects on the….

Financial Disincentives and Lack of Appropriate Housing Thwarting Senior Downsizing

Seniors wanting to downsize their homes are being stopped by financial disincentives and a lack of age-appropriate housing, research from the national seniors productive ageing centre has found. Around 30 per cent of seniors surveyed were considering downsizing, which on a national scale equated to one million people, according to Mary Wood, executive director of….

Livable Housing Design

A livable home is designed and built to meet the changing needs of occupants across their lifetime. Livable homes include key easy living features that make them easier and safer to use for all occupants including people with disability, aging Australians, people with temporary injuries, and families with young children. Importance of a Livable Home….