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Why did we form the Tasmania Properties community and the online platform? We identified a need. There was a gap in the market for a collaborative team to guide people towards comprehensive unbiased consistent property advice, products and services.

We offer a different and highly effective approach to overcoming the many Tasmania property related challenges people face.

Our integrated team of five Hobart-based businesses are seasoned leaders in their respective professions. Through Tasmanian Properties, you have access to a range of real estate products and services in Tasmania, live support, and real time assistance.

We are confident that this level of integrated expertise is not available elsewhere in Tasmania, from any single source. Our services deliver comprehensive knowledge to a wide range of clients – from mums and dads, investors, and small businesses – all of whom are looking for consistent quality advice and support, to assist them in their property related endeavours.

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We are proud to work with creative, innovative, passionate and productive property mentors in Tasmania and best Tasmanian home builders and professionals, whose only dream is helping others achieve their dreams as well.


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Success happens when skills and opportunities meet.  Our Tasmania properties groups will help you connect to the right people and close the right deals with the best property services providers in Tasmania.  Don’t let this opportunity pass by.  Now is the right time to reach all your goals. Contact us now!

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